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Serving Wake Forest, Youngsville, Rolesville, Knightdale, North Raleigh, and other parts of Raleigh in North Carolina! Call or email for more details.

Enjoying Mosquito Free Outdoor Living


We have made paying for our services more convenient for you!  We now accept major credit cards.  Call us today to schedule your next appointment at 919-614-1406.

Have questions about the Mosquito Man?  Please review our About Us and FAQ page.


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Comments from our customers
Danielle W of Raleigh, NC Writes: 

"This service was referred to us by a friend in the neighborhood. I've always wanted to try one since we get EATEN ALIVE! I wasn't daring enough until my friend suggested it . After the first treatment we were fans! That night I was able to take my 9 mos. old baby outside without bugspray and NONE of us got eaten up. We signed up for the whole season and I'm so glad. We use our yard all the time now! We have a screened in porch that is hardly used because of mosquitoes (with kids - the porch door gets left open a lot). Now we eat dinner out there when we can ! This is worth every penny if you like to be outside!

Kitty K (100.7 THE RIVER HOST) Writes:

"Thanks to The Mosquito Man, I'm able to sit outside for the first time in months without being devoured! Do it people!"

Itnuit J of Raleigh, NC Writes:

"The problem with having the Mosquito Man's service is now whenever we go to the park, pool or anywhere outdoors beside our yard we notice all the bugs and get bitten! Love this company!"

Regina F of Cary, NC Writes:

"This service works!!! I haven't been bitten by a mosquito for 2 weeks. Got to get him back out to spray again!!!!"  

Mike S of Raleigh, NC Writes:

"You guys rock! We love The Mosquito Man! We have a thickly wooded back yard 500 feet off the Neuse River. My daughters used to get chewed alive by the bugs and we had lots of ticks before the Mosquito Man. But since we've hired The Mosquito Man, it's like a little shangri la back there. No mosquitoes or ticks at all. I'm telling everyone, this is a great service!" 
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